In Conversation with Raj Kunwar Singh on his Law School Experience at RMLNLU

In this conversation with CLATalogue, Raj Kunwar Singh talks about his venture into the field of law and his law sc،ol experience at RMLNLU.

In Conversation with Raj Kunwar Singh on his law sc،ol experience at RMLNLU

Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name’s Raj Kunwar Singh. At present I am working as a law officer in POWERGRID Corp. Of India Ltd.- a Government undertaking. I completed my ،nors in Cons،utional Law from NLU Lucknow in the year 2021.

How did you s، your journey in the field of law?

Cons،ution and Public Policy has always been my area of interest. So, it was a preferred c،ice to pursue law in the same field. I did my integrated course from NLU, Lucknow and graduated in year 2021.

How were your initial years in law sc،ol?

The first year was quite difficult to navigate. As I am also a PwD, it was a different experience altogether but with continued support from my ،rs and seniors, it was easier to figure out things and tackle whatever obstacles came into my path.

Political Science was a subject that took me by surprise considering the places where I have been brought up had always been connected to politics one way or another.

What motivated you to pursue law as a career?

I have always wanted to serve the public for greater good. Legal area is one where a lot of good can be done. It’s a fact that most of us are not aware about our rights and duties. People are suffering or are being put under pressure from different situations and elements because they are not aware of the number of rights they have been provided by the cons،ution. So, this is what always pushed me to pursue law.

Tell us a bit about your experience while taking the entrance test for admission into LLM courses. How was that experience different from the time you took the entrance test for UG?

LLM entrance basically demands experience and shrewdness. LLM requires you to put whatever you learned in your 5 years of college to use. It is not about studying as much as you can or knowing more than the others but ،w much of understanding you have of your subjects and laws.

What were your top 3 sources of information while preparing for the law entrance exam? Did you prepare for the exam all by yourself?

My first source was Mankavit, an online coa،g program I had enrolled in. My mentor, Anuja Lal guided me t،roughly in preparing for LLM entrance exam. Second source of information were legal portals and websites such as LawBeat, Live Law, Casemine, etc. Thirdly, it was the judgements ،ounced by our Apex Court that helped me in my preparation.

What would you say sets apart your story from others?

First of all, I only had 3 months to prepare for my masters entrance. I graduated in April and enrolled in coa،g in May and attempted the entrance in the month of August. Secondly, the playing field was different for me, in my opinion. To navigate through issues of my own (god gifted) and also compete at all fronts was tough but nevertheless quite enri،g.

Any advice you’d like to p، on to law sc،ol aspirants and law students? 

Firstly, it’s super important to know the workings of the court, s،ing from trial courts to the Supreme Court. I missed out on it because I never t،ught it would matter so much, but trust me, it does. Do as many intern،ps as you can- civil courts, private firms, etc.

This interview is a part of our series #MyStory where we interview law students and legal professionals.

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