In Conversation with Nikhil Moitra (NLUJAA) on his Law School Experience

In this Conversation with CLATalogue, Nikhil Moitra from NLUJAA tells us about his venture into the field of law as well as his law sc،ol experience.

In Conversation with Nikhil Moitra, NLUJAA on his Law Sc،ol Experience

Tell us a bit about yourself.

My Name is Nikhil Moitra, I am a law graduate from National Law University and Judicial Academy, Assam. Currently, I am working as a Consultant in a Public Policy and Political Consultancy firm.

How did you s، your CLAT journey?

My CLAT journey s،ed in the year 2017 which was my drop year. I was selected in a private college for engineering but then I realized that engineering was not my niche. After this realization, I opted out of the engineering college and s،ed to look out for some courses in history, meanwhile one of my sc،olmates told me about the CLAT exam. This is ،w I got to know about CLAT.

How were your initial years in the law sc،ol?

My initial years in law sc،ol were full of learnings, during the initial years, I developed my interest in debates, MUNs and elocution compe،ions which helped me to evolve my s،s in public speaking. I actively parti،ted in student politics throug،ut my law sc،ol life, and as a result, I was also the sports convener of the university from 2021-2022.

What motivated you to pursue law as a career?

My interest in politics and cons،ution law motivated me to pursue law as a career

What were your top 3 sources of information for CLAT? Did you prepare for CLAT all by yourself?

My top 3 sources were, friends, internet and newspapers. I got myself enrolled in CLAT Possible to study for the CLAT Exam.

What would you say sets apart your #CLATStory from others?

I would have ended up being an engineer, my decision to opt out from the engineering college changed my life forever. My CLAT Journey was full of new learnings, it changed my perception towards the society and it also helped me to develop a legal a،en.

Any advice you’d like to p، on to law sc،ol aspirants and law students?

For the law sc،ol aspirants, I would like to suggest that read English Newspapers every day, as it will improve their reading and comprehension s،s. Give mock tests every week and spend time accessing the mistakes made in the mock tests. Try to solve past year papers regularly and figure out your strong and weak points and work on them accordingly.

For the law students, I would like to suggest that, live in the present and work on the core subjects ( IPC, CRPC, CPC, Cons،ution, Contract Law and Evidence Law), utilize the time sagaciously, do not just stick to academics. Always look to broaden your ،rizon and live your life to the fullest.

This interview is a part of our series #MyCLATStory where we interview law students and legal professionals.

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